Note to self.

Note to self. Read this when you’ve come back from work tomorrow and you think you deserve just the one glass. Read this when you’re sitting with wine in hand, wondering why the hell you started a sobriety blog and contemplating deleting the whole thing right now. Because you’re not sober. Because you didn’t choose sobriety tonight. You chose the easy option.

You’re a fake. But you’re a fake that doesn’t want to drink today. And, deep down, you know it. So why can’t you just do it?

Read this when you’re on default, thinking about running to the corner shop for a couple of bottles of wine that will taste like shit, but believing it’s the only way you can face your problems. Drinky drinky default you. The you that never grows up, and never stops at one. The you that’s stuck in a bar in the 90s, knocking back vodka shots, needing to prove her place in the world.

Take note: it’s 2017 now.

Read this and remember the disappointment with yourself, remember the fuzzy head and the lethargy and all the important things you meant to do this evening but were forgotten because having a drink mattered more. Remember the wasted time, the sheer pointlessness of it.

Remember the anxiety, the arguments, the tears on the bathroom floor. Remember the feeling of dislocation, the waves of self-loathing, the red wine that resurfaces the next morning as pink vomit. Remember the cancelled appointments, the guilt, the empty stare at the wall.

Drinky drinky lady. You don’t need this. You can give yourself something so much better. Go and put the kettle on and remind yourself that you’re better than this.

You are. You really, truly are. Remember that.

– Sister Temperance



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