Just for today.

And tomorrow. And the day after. Hell, perhaps I can even make it to next Friday.

– Sister Temperance

Why I am not drinking today

Because I can’t stop at one. Ever.

Because the hangovers get worse and I’m getting too old for all this self-loathing.

Because I don’t actually need a crutch.

Because it makes me depressed.

Because it makes me into a bitch.

Because it deadens my senses.

Because it makes me think stupid things.

Because it makes me say stupid things.

Because it makes my nose red and no amount of colour-correcting primer is going to fix that.

Because it makes my mind race.

Because I don’t like feeling out of control.

Because it’s full of empty calories and this spare tyre won’t shift itself.

Because drinking to forget is a dumb way of dealing with my problems.

Because it costs me money that I don’t have.

Because I don’t need to obliterate myself.

Because I am stronger than I think.

Because it ages me.

Because it takes away my glow.

Because it makes me wallow in myself.

Because an uninterrupted night of sober sleep is bloody amazing.



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