Ten things to do instead of drink wine.


Move your body. Walk. Run. Jiggle. Twerk if you must. But just move that ass.


Drink tea. Or any non-alcoholic beverage. And enjoy – no, revel in – the absence of a hangover.


Use your brain. Learn. Study. Read. Find out stuff. Fall asleep on the rug with your mind on fire.


Cook. Get in the kitchen and make something amazing for your body and soul. Or just sharpen knives with an evil glint in your eyes.


Clean. Tidy. Organise. Fix stuff. Make things. Stare at your reflection in the floor.


Go to bed. Slip under those covers and sleep the rich sleep of sobriety.


Lavish attention on the ones you love. Talk to them, write to them. Play with them. Skip with them.


Play. Sing. Create. Get lost in music. Feel so alive.


Have a long bath. Luxuriate in hot water until you are sleepy and wrinkly. Stretch out your arm with grace and beauty.


Think. Pray. Meditate. Daydream. Be grateful. Sit in a sun lounger looking awesome.




One thought on “Ten things to do instead of drink wine.

  1. I relate on a deep level with this post. The most important hing I’ve gathered in recovery, is staying busy. Things I enjoy, have occupied my time in sobriety, and changed my life; many are found in this list, thank you!

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